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POTATOES…GOODNESS UNEARTHED®” CAMPAIGN 2008 Nutritional Labeling Guidelines
Consumer attitudes about the nutritional value of potatoes declined substantially in 2003 due primarily to the intense media coverage and popularity of low-carbohydrate diets. An aggressive multi-year campaign was developed to reverse attitudes. In 2007, the USPB initiated a message development process to identify the most effective response the industry could make to the low-carbohydrate diet fad. The message that was clearly identified as having the most impact with consumers communicated the positive nutrition facts about the potato: Potatoes are high in Vitamin C and Potassium, low in calories and contain no fat.

Working with Sterling Brands, a top New York branding and marketing agency, the USPB developed a new campaign signature that would connect potatoes and their good nutritional profile with consumers in a way that was relevant to consumers’ lives today, while simultaneously uniting the industry under a single campaign: “Potatoes…Goodness Unearthed®.

“Peel Back the Truth” Print Ad Campaign
This effort utilized a print ad entitled “Peel Back the Truth” that began running in publications in September 2008 (Fiscal Year 2009).
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This new nutrition message is targeted to an audience we call “Linda” who is 25-54 years old with children under the age of 18 at home. There are 83 million “Linda’s” in the US, together with her family; she is the meal decision-maker for 49 percent of the US population which consumed 50.2 percent of all potatoes and 45.5 percent of all fresh potatoes. A mix of selected women’s print publications and websites are used to deliver our message to “Linda”.

The “Peel Back the Truth” print ad campaign now reaches 57% of our target audience at least 5.5 times per year during the time it is running, generating approximately 125 million impressions annually. The campaign has also been extended to online executions. This effort has strong integration points with the USPB Consumer Public Relations and Retail programs.

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