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Date of Release: 4/10/13

CONTACT: David Fairbourn
Manager, Industry Communications & Policy
(303) 873-2331

Farmington Chip-Stock Grower to Represent New Mexico On United States Potato Board


DENVER (April 5, 2013)—Brian Theobald of Farmington, NM, was seated as a Board Member on the United States Potato Board (USPB) at the organization’s 40th Annual Meeting, March 14-15, in Colorado Springs, CO. He was named to serve on the Board by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on December 6, 2012, for a three-year term ending February 29, 2016. New Board Members serving on the USPB in their first three-year term can be reappointed to serve a second consecutive three-year term.

Theobald has been involved with potato production for the past 33 years. He has extensive knowledge of chipping potatoes, and grows Dakota Pearls, Atlantics and Frito-Lay varieties at Navajo Mesa Farms for chip-stock. He is a partner in R & G Potato, a chip-stock production farm headquartered in American Falls, ID.

Theobald graduated from American Falls High School, American Falls, ID, and also studied Business and Plant Science at the University of Idaho, Moscow, ID. He is married to Jackie, and they have two children: daughter, Mia (age 5) and son, Dalen (age 6). He enjoys spending time with his family, boating, camping and fishing. He also enjoys wakeboarding, snowboarding and flying RC airplanes.


Brian Theobald was confirmed with fellow New and Re-Nominated USPB Board Members by Patricia Petrella, USDA-AMS Marketing Specialist, Fruit and Vegetable Programs (right side podium)at the 40th USPB Annual Meeting, Thursday, March 14, 2013, at The Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, CO.

Authorized under the 1971 Potato Research and Promotion Act, the USPB is composed of producers, importers and a public member appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture. Producer members are nominated at state and local producer meetings and by mail ballot. Each state is entitled to at least one producer member, and additional members are allotted on the basis of the volume of production. Importer members are nominated by importers, and the number of members is related to the volume of imports, up to a maximum of five importer members.

The USPB administers an industry-funded national research and promotion program to increase US exports and domestic potato consumption. USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service oversees the operations of the USPB. More information about the research and promotion programs is available at

For more information on the USPB as the nation’s potato marketing organization, positioned as the “catalyst for positive change,” and the central organizing force in implementing programs that will increase demand for potatoes, please visit


David Fairbourn is Manager, Industry Communications & Policy, at the United States Potato Board in Denver. The mission of the USPB is to increase demand for potatoes and potato products through an integrated promotion program, thereby providing US producers with expanding markets for their production. David can be contacted at 303-369-7783 or For complete information about the programs, ROI results, resources and tools available to all members of the industry through the USPB, please visit The United States Potato Board—Maximizing Return on Grower Investment.

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