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Table Stock Dish ImageThe USPB International Table-Stock Program launched in July 2002 to build awareness in foreign markets of the availability of US table-stock potatoes.  New approaches were added to strengthen the program: conducting consumer/market research to better understand perceptions of US potatoes in target countries; and transferring information from the USPB Domestic Nutrition Program to boost the potato’s image and increase demand.  In the three years since its inception, the program has generated positive sales growth.

The following strategies are used to achieve the overall goals of developing and increasing markets for US table-stock exports:

Identify New Markets Through Research

Consumer research is conducted to help the USPB better understand consumer perceptions and attitudes toward US potatoes in target countries.  This research identifies new markets offering long-term growth potential for US table-stock potatoes.

Increase Demand in Retail and Foodservice Sectors

These sectors offer great growth potential in current markets.  To create demand, distinction and awareness, the USPB introduces new varieties to consumers, integrates potatoes into local and western-style cuisine and delivers educational programs.   

Continue Market Access Work

For US potatoes to be sold internationally, market access must be achieved—new markets opened and current markets improved. 

Leverage USPB Domestic Programs

Synergies are created as the USPB’s domestic and international programs transfer ideas, information and materials.  The transfer of information from the USPB’s Domestic Nutrition Program to the international target markets continues to boost the potato’s image and increase demand.

Maintain a Positive Potato Profile

The USPB manages the US potato’s image through constant education and promotion.

Increase US Industry Involvement

The USPB serves as a resource to the industry for US table-stock growers/shippers who wish to become involved in exporting. 

Current Target Markets:

Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Vietnam, Taiwan and Singapore.

Staff Contact:

Sarah Reece
Direct Dial:  (303) 873-2334

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